Montag, 31. Mai 2010

David Noebel - Marxist Minstrels: Communist Subversion of American Folk Music (1968)

(from CONELRAD: Atomic Platters):
David Noebel Speaks on
The Communist Subversion 
of American Folk Music
Christian Crusade Recordings
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74102 [1968]

"If ordained minister David Noebel had been aware of the conservative folk combo The Goldwaters and singer Janet Greene, would he have been so "global" in his condemnation of American folk music on the above recording? 

No matter, for this LP, which was evidently nothing more than a marketing tool for Noebel's book "Rhythm, Riots and Revolution," is more entertaining as a blanket indictment of ALL folk music.

Rev. Noebel, though his photograph might indicate otherwise, was one hep cat when it came to the youth oriented music of the '60s. So what if he can't pronouce Phil Och's last name (he repeatedly pronoun ces it "Oooks") or if he seems more preoccupied with Bob Dylan's taste in women than his allegedly pinko lyrics?

Unfortunately, the minister's vigilence against FOLK music might seem a little misplaced for 1968. After all, most teenagers were dropping acid and turning on to The Jefferson Airplane, not Peter, Paul and Mary. This then begs the question: is there a 1975 Noebel follow-up treatise warning against the communist subversion of psychedlic rock? Or a 1984 diatribe against disco?

It is interesting to note that the leaders of the Soviet Union found "our" music almost as offensive as the Rev. Noebel (and made every effort to ban its import)."

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It should be obvious that the owner of this blog does NOT share any of the views expressed by Rev. David Noebel and that links to this audio are provided for the purpose of study, review, critical analysis, or sheer entertainment ONLY!

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