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Celluloid Indians (04) - 1924 and 1932 Cartoons ("Felix Goes West" & "Redskin Blues")

Felix Goes West (1924)

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Hungry Felix tries to steal some food and fails.
He then decides to "Go West" to "The Land of Opportunity" by hitching a ride on an airplane. When he gets to his destination, he has encounters with the local wildlife and Indians.

Director: Pat Sullivan
Producer: M.J. Winkler
Audio/Visual: silent, black and white
Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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Tom & Jerry: Redskin Blues (1932)

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Tom and Jerry find their wagon west attacked by Indians, but escape only after being rescued by all the branches of the military, including the Army's tanks.

A cartoon with lots of music and action as well as ethnic stereotypes the 1930s way: "An unremarkable wild west cartoon is improved by the comedy of the unexpected. Numerous seemingly fat, cloaked Indians are unwrapped to reveal beautiful girls; when the cavalry leader uncloaks the Chief, he's revealed as a Jewish caricature. The Jewish Indian was a standard vaudeville gag at the time, in part the result of Fanny Brice's hit song on the theme (I'm an Indian)." (

Producer: Van Beuren Studios
Audio/Visual: sound, b/w
Creative Commons license:
Public Domain

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