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Dial Comes to Town (undated, prob. 1930s)

Undated film from Collection, probably from early 1930s
(20:15, Sound/B&W).
Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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Reviewer: dynayellow - [4.0 out of 5 stars] - September 9, 2003
Subject: Gol-darned new-fangled technology
I highly recommend watching this film, if only for the definitive "old people hate new things" performance by the grandfather, who can't understand why we need to replace our old phones.

Strangely, the film presents no reason why the new dial phones are better. In the opening bit, Gramps complains of the poor reception when people are listening in, and I thought we would learn that the new electronically connected phones would solve this. Nothing doing. You'll still have crummy reception if the busybodies don't get off the line.

In the end, even Gramps learns how to use the phone, but what choice did he have? You'll use these new phones and like it, old man!

Weird to see a world where people only had 4 digit phone numbers, and the directory was thinner than a TV Guide.
Reviewer: Spuzz - [4.0 out of 5 stars] - September 6, 2003
Subject: "It sounds like THIS you MORON!"
Similar to 'How To Use The Dial Phone' but made for stupider people, this film details a town's acceptance of the newfangled device.
Gramps reads all about the dial phones in the paper. He exclaims something (I think it's a swear word) then phones his friend (who's in dire need of acting lessons) to tell him about it. Dad then tells Gramps they're going to a meeting to have people tell all about it. At the meeting, the two gentlemen talkers are fine, but 'Miss White' wins the award for speaking down to the morons with her speech by repeating everything twice, reminding us like 5 times what the dial 'tone' (read buzz) sounds like and while enthusiastically fondling an oversize dial pad, so you know, those stupid country people would GET IT. Very condescending and strange, this film is recommended!
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