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Green Witch Village becomes fashionable (c. 1969)

Greenwich Village becomes fashionable....
Late 1960s footage in this item from

R.F.D. Greenwich Village 
(c. 1969)

Producer: Unknown
Cotton Producers Association
Audio/Visual: Sound, Color
Creative Commons license: 
Public Domain

Description (
Although the hippie ideal was fading in the late 1960s, marketers kept it alive. The Greenwich Village of RFD Greenwich Village is filled with
"countrified cosmopolitans" who, while they appear to be beyond work and money worries, belong to a Bohemian subculture (which never looked anything like this)....

The world of RFD Greenwich Village, like the cotton clothes it showcases, is rather boring. An artificial sex- and drug-free environment created by an advertiser, it is a scene without an edge and looks a lot like the suburbia it purports to escape. Even the nightlife, which is supposed to be "a world of contradiction, of paradoxes in life," is pretty tedious. There is nothing really to do. The "party in the garret of a Bohemian friend" features little more than out-of-date folk music and exotic Samoyed dogs....

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